UK Phishing Alert from our security analysts.

UK companies need to be aware of the latest Phishing scam targeting customers. The latest scam uses all the best social engineering skills to trick people into clicking on a link to cancel an order they haven’t placed. We have put a copy of the email below.

uk phishing alert example
UK businesses need to be aware of the latest phishing scams coming their way.

The “cancel order” button on the fake email will take the user to a page they did not want to go to. If you receive this email and hover over the link you will see where it takes you. It varies from victim to victim. Please do not click on the link.

This template is common from fraudsters. They are depending on instilling a sense of panic in the victim that their credit card is about to be charged for something they haven’t ordered.

Phishing Awareness Training can help to train your staff to detect this type of scam email on a daily basis and help to keep your organization safer. Remember to follow us on Twitter @Phishsecurity where we will tweet about the latest scams.

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