Amazon Perks Phishing Email

With everything from tents to tech, Amazon has become the go-to online shop for users around the world; as the website’s popularity continues to grow, so does the trend of Amazon phishing emails. Below is one of these phishing emails … Read More

Amazon Gift Card 4

Amazing Gift Card Phishing Email

  Amazon is one of the most popular companies for scammers to impersonate when they design their phishing emails. One version of an Amazon Phishing email is broken down below. Sender Address: Instead of coming from an Amazon domain, this … Read More

Amazon Gift Card 3

Amazon Gift Reward Phishing Email

As the world’s largest retailer, Amazon has users across the globe buying and selling products in their online store, in fact in 2016 Amazon made over $6.4 Billion in retail subscription services alone. The ever-growing popularity and user base of … Read More

Amazon Gift Card 2

$50 Amazon Gift Card Phishing Email

One of the more impressive phishing emails, it may be hard to identify that this email is fraudulent, however, there are a few indicators that this email away if one investigates close enough. Sender Address: The sender address is a … Read More

Amazon Gift Card 1

Amazon Reward Phishing Email

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, which is why so many companies choose to offer Amazon gift cards as prizes and rewards for their various contests and surveys. Scammers have taken note of this trend and have begun to offer … Read More

UK Phishing Alert for customers of

UK Phishing Alert from our security analysts. UK companies need to be aware of the latest Phishing scam targeting customers. The latest scam uses all the best social engineering skills to trick people into clicking on a link to … Read More

celebrities phished

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Celebrity Hacking

Phishing proved to be the key to celebrity hacking A simple Phishing email appears to be all that was behind the celebrity hacking scandal, dubbed as Celebgate by the media. “[The] defendant used numerous fraudulent email addresses designed to look … Read More