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CEO Fraud Training

CEO Fraud Awareness

CEO Fraud training has become a necessity as this one type of phishing scam has netted over $3 billion dollars from businesses just like yours.

We can include mock CEO fraud emails as part of our ongoing phishing awareness training program for your business. Protect your users in the best way you have available to you by teaching them what to expect in the real world.

In our experience 40% of recipients have taken action on our training emails for CEO fraud. Sometimes users don’t really understand a warning or an explanation until they see a real life simulation of what CEO fraud is.

What is CEO Fraud?

A CEO Fraud email, also called “Business Email Compromise” by the FBI , is a type of phishing email that pretends to be from a senior member of your organisation. The email tries to engage another staff member in an email conversation that eventually leads to bank details for a supplier being changed to that of the scammer or a payment being made straight away to the scammer.

There are a number of variations of this scam including the email coming from the supplier or from a hacked personal account. The crucial part of this is that if the staff member checked outside of the email communication the scam would have been stopped.

Our Phishing awareness training includes a special module dealing with CEO fraud and how to spot these emails. We can send a CEO fraud simulation as part of the ongoing training.

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