netflix phishing email

Netflix Update Payment Phishing Email

Another day, another Netflix phishing email; this time the attackers are aiming for user’s bank and credit card information. The email claims that the company is having trouble authorizing the user’s credit card and asks for them to click through the link to input the information in again.

This phishing strategy is nothing new, and any educated user should be able to spot the scam before any damage is done.

netflix phishing email

Branding and Signature

The biggest identifier that this is a fraudulent email is the lack of official branding in this email. There are no Netflix banners or signatures and the layout of the text is not in-line with the company’s typical communications.

Even though these attackers did take the time to place the official logo within the email, the location and size of the logo should appear odd to any active Netflix users.

netflix phishing email


The content of this email and the centered layout it uses is something that is not usually seen from well know corporations. One of the first things the user should notice about this email is the fact that the punctuation and sentence structure is all over the place. There is an extra comma added after the ‘update your payment method’ statement. Also, the placement of the ‘Click Here’ link in the middle of a sentence is something users don’t see very often inauthentic emails.

The repetition of the contact number right after each other is another red flag within this email and a quick google search of the one provided (0800 096 6380) didn’t return the Netflix customer service page but instead showed only other reports of this scam Netflix phishing email.

netflix phishing email

Netflix Phishing Email Scams

Netflix has over 33.3 million users around the world, this makes it a great company for scammers to imitate, as there is a high chance the person receiving the email is a Netflix subscriber. This means that users should always be careful when they receive and email from anyone claiming to be Netflix. Ensure that the email looks authentic, the link leads to a domain and is relevant to you as a user. The best way to deal with emails that may seem ‘off’ is to call up the company directly. If there really was a problem with a user’s payment, contacting Netflix’s billing department would be the best people to check with.

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