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The Cost of Phishing

The Evolution of Phishing – And the Cost of Phishing Evolution is a wonderful thing. However we need to realize that it doesn’t recognize good and bad. Cybercrime has been evolving very well over the past decade and unfortunately online … Read More

speeding fine phishing email

Speeding Fine Phishing Email

Connecticut Speeding Fine Phishing Email Police in South Windsor, CT have released a warning of a new phishing email that is going around claiming that user’s owe a speed camera fine. The speeding fine phishing email, while still only found … Read More

Phishing Update

Phishing Update – No More Phishing for this Student

No More Phishing for Salvador Phishing Update – Cyber Criminal Caught There is a phishing update for those affected by a series of phishing emails sent from the Philippines. The life of crime is over for 22-year-old Christian Ian Salvador, … Read More

Phishing Email

Student Loan Company Phishing Email

Phishing Email It has been reported that a spoof email posing as the Student Loan Company is the latest trend in phishing emails. The phishing email attempts to manipulate students by claiming that if the recipient is unsuccessful in responding with personal … Read More

iPhone Phishing

iPhone Phishing

Misplacing a smartphone is something that has happened to us all before at some point in our lives. Thankfully, there is a solution to this, the Find my iPhone app which is linked to your iCloud. The Find my iPhone app sends the owner … Read More

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The Latest Trends in Phishing

Cyber criminals are constantly pondering their next move with regards to phishing emails. The latest trend or craze in popular culture is seen as an opportunity to scam. It is essential to be alert when subscribing to any popular service … Read More

ransomware variants

Ransomware and the Latest Variants

Ransomware Variants Earlier this year, deadly ransomware variants were detected infecting computers of businesses and individuals. The main offenders being Locky and Samas. The victims included healthcare facilities and hospitals from around the globe. This Alert was provided by the The … Read More

Webmail Encryption phishing

Webmail Encryption Phishing

Here is another email we come across plenty of times in the real world – Webmail Encryption phishing. The reason this email is so highly redacted is because this is a spear phishing attempt and contains identifiable information. So what … Read More

Eir Phishing Alert for Irish Companies

Eir Phishing Alert We’ve noticed a new version of the Eir refund Phishing email in circulation today. The message is in the image below. This is a phishing email designed to get consumers to click on the link. The dangerous … Read More

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing awareness training from The Email Laundry