LogMeIn Phishing Email

LogMeIn Phishing Email Cloud-based remote connectivity and SaaS provider, LogMeIn customers have been targeted by a new phishing campaign that impersonates the Boston-based company. The email (pictured below) claims that the recipient’s computer has been infected with the well-known WannaCry … Read More

Irish Water UISCE Phishing Scam Header

Irish Water UISCE Phishing Scam

Irish Water UISCE Phishing Scam On May 18th, Irish Water UISCE revealed on its Twitter page that there are a number of phishing emails being sent out impersonating them. The fraudulent email (pictured below) imply that users must log into … Read More

UK Tax Return Phishing Text

UK Tax Return Phishing Text It is not only email addresses that get phishing attacks, cell phones have become a favorite with cyber criminals as most people are unaware of the risks associated with opening links in texts. This new … Read More

speeding fine phishing email

Speeding Fine Phishing Email

Connecticut Speeding Fine Phishing Email Police in South Windsor, CT have released a warning of a new phishing email that is going around claiming that user’s owe a speed camera fine. The speeding fine phishing email, while still only found … Read More

netflix phishing email

Netflix Phishing Email – Update Payment Information

Netflix Update Payment Phishing Email Another day, another Netflix phishing email; this time the attackers are aiming for user’s bank and credit card information. The email claims that the company is having trouble authorizing the user’s credit card and asks … Read More

Council Tax Refund Phishing Email

Council Tax Refund Phishing Email A new council tax refund phishing email has emerged in the UK, this time targeting British residents and claiming they are owed a refund for their council taxes. The phishing email aims to get users … Read More

ASIC phishing email logo scam

ASIC Phishing Email – How to Spot the Fake

ASIC Phishing Email The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has come into the spotlight recently, thanks to the ASIC phishing email that is going around claiming to be the government body. The fraudulent email was sent early on Monday … Read More

Phishing Update

Phishing Update – No More Phishing for this Student

No More Phishing for Salvador Phishing Update – Cyber Criminal Caught There is a phishing update for those affected by a series of phishing emails sent from the Philippines. The life of crime is over for 22-year-old Christian Ian Salvador, … Read More

netflix phishing email

Netflix Phishing Scam – Don’t Get Fooled

Netflix Phishing Scam It’s the first day of March, the weather is starting to warm up and the excitement of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday can be felt throughout the world. While it’s not quite spring (that starts on … Read More

Phishing Email

Student Loan Company Phishing Email

Phishing Email It has been reported that a spoof email posing as the Student Loan Company is the latest trend in phishing emails. The phishing email attempts to manipulate students by claiming that if the recipient is unsuccessful in responding with personal … Read More