Eir Phishing Alert for Irish Companies

Eir Phishing Alert We’ve noticed a new version of the Eir refund Phishing email in circulation today. The message is in the image below. This is a phishing email designed to get consumers to click on the link. The dangerous … Read More

UK Phishing Alert for customers of Amazon.co.uk

UK Phishing Alert from our security analysts. UK companies need to be aware of the latest Phishing scam targeting Amazon.co.uk customers. The latest scam uses all the best social engineering skills to trick people into clicking on a link to … Read More

Phishing Alert- Bank Of Ireland

Today’s Phishing alert is regarding a phishing email targeting Bank Of Ireland customers. This is a standard format designed to infer urgency on the user and trick them into clicking on the link. If you have Bank Of Ireland customers … Read More

celebrities phished

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Celebrity Hacking

Phishing proved to be the key to celebrity hacking A simple Phishing email appears to be all that was behind the celebrity hacking scandal, dubbed as Celebgate by the media. “[The] defendant used numerous fraudulent email addresses designed to look … Read More

phishing alert an post

Phishing Alert- Irish TV licences from An Post

Warning- Public Service Blog Post This Phishing attempt is proving very common across Irish customers over the last couple of days . Please keep an eye out for this attempt and do not click on any links in these emails. … Read More

Video Phishing

Real Future Hacking Episode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjYhmX_OUQQ Here’s a great episode of Real Futures where the presenter invites some hackers at Defcon to hack him. The results are inevitable but there’s some great advice at the end of the clip. You may notice that the hacker … Read More

Spear Phishing image

Hoodwinking a Phisherman

Thriller in Manila- Spear Phishing story. An interesting story has emerged in the US regarding the FBI catching a rogue ex employee of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) who attempted to Spear … Read More

Phishing Test- How safe are you?

Phishing is the most successful tool in the Cybrcrime toolkit. How safe are you and your staff from falling for these social engineering tricks? Here’s a little phishing test to give you an idea. Now that you’ve had a play … Read More

4 Phishing Facts for UK Companies

Four Phishing facts UK Companies need to know This fact sheet has some “must-have” statistics for UK companies on the risks posed by Phishing emails.  It specifies the effects of Phishing on UK businesses and the UK economy. Phishing Facts … Read More

Big Bad Wolf Email

The most difficult attack for companies to deal with is the one that changes to suit the company it is attacking. There is no one set-up that fully deals with the technical problems- so a company has to be aware … Read More