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About Us

The Phishing User Training team are a part of a company called Phish Security Ltd.


Other services developed by the team include

  • The Email Laundry- Anti spam and virus service
  • Brand and Sign- Email Signature management
  • The Email Archive

The team are dedicated to making email safe and are affiliated with worldwide Information Security Networks including the ISVA and ISI. The team also participate in public security education alongside partner organizations such as CompTIA.

Phish Security Ltd. is a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Ireland.


People who trust us

We specialize in:

Project Strategy

Making email safe is our number one priority. If your organization is having problems with email security in any way please contact us.

User Experience

We try to give customers the smoothest customer experience possible. All products are designed to require a minimum of interference from the customer. Feedback on all aspects of the experience are encouraged.

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