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Phishing User Training

Teach Your Users How to Detect and Defend Themselves from Phishing

Focused Training

Teachable moments are exploited to provide focused training for users that demonstrate susceptibility to phishing.

Evolving Threats

Live exercises are performed regularly with escalated complexity based on the level of awareness demonstrated in previous exercises.

Tracked Metrics

Metrics from exercises can be tracked over time to determine the effectiveness of training across various objectives and organizational demographics

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Trusted By These Companies

“The Email Laundry's Phishing Awareness Training has created a real buzz among the Officers. They are discussing Spam and Phishing in a way that other communication methods have failed to achieve. No technical system can ever prevent a targeted Phishing attack, so we need the staff to help us identify threats”
Gary Bennett ICT Research and Development manager
"Although an excellent service, this is surpassed by that customer support and willingness to help create solutions on an individual basis .I would thoroughly recommend Email Laundry"
David McNiven Satisfied Customer
"Brilliant product! Easy to grasp, massively effective and even easier to manage. The Email Laundry team are a dream, helpful and responsive - always! I couldn't recommend it more!"
Radhika Anderson Satisfied Customer- IT solution provider